Boci, boci tarka

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I like this version, but they forgot to remove the ears ans tail!
Here, viszont, an anatomically correct boci-boci tarka!

Lyrics (dalszöveg):

The lyrics to Boci, boci tarka (A Boci, boci tarka dalszövege):

Boci, boci tarka, Se füle, se farka, Oda megyünk lakni, Ahol tejet kapni. Boci, boci megfázott, Varrtam neki nadrágot, Nem akarta felvenni, Ágyba kellett fektetni.
Spotted moo-cow, moo-cow, No ear nor tail We go live where We can get milk. Moo-cow, moo-cow I sewed pants for her, She didn't want to wear them, We had to put her to bed.

Vocabulary for Boci, boci tarka

  • boci is child talk for a cow.
  • tarka means variegated... which is not the most common word in English! It means having multiple spots or streaks, or multiple colors (like the patterns of a cow.)

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