Slang and diminutives ending with -o

List of diminutives ending with -o

  • aggro
  • ammo
  • cheerio
  • combo
  • convo
  • demo
  • favo
  • journo
  • kiddo
  • nutso
  • preggo
  • sicko
  • whammo
  • weirdo

They're formed by shortening a longer word and adding an o (in contrast with condo, Lambo, psycho where the o pronunciation is part of the original word; or with lingo which is Latin lingua + o.)

I wonder, for some of them, just how broadly they would be understood.

Australian English is said to be pretty productive with this. My impression is that a word such as convo would be easily understood by Ozzies, but not necessarily by, say, Americans.

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