How to add a dictionary to Sublime Text 3 (spellcheck)

Out of the box, Sublime Text 3 includes dictionary files to spellcheck U.S. And British English. (See View › Spell Check and View › Dictionary.)

You'll probably want to include additional dictionaries. Here is an example for French, but it should work with any language and I've tested it with success with Hungarian and Russian:

  1. Download the three French.* files located here:
  2. Open Sublime's Packages folder. It's as simple as:
    • OS X: Sublime Text menu › Preferences › Browse Packages….
    • Windows: Preferences › Browse Packages….
    • This should open the Packages directory in Windows (Windows) or the Finder (OS X.)
  3. Copy-paste the files you downloaded to the User folder located there.

The French dictionary should now show up in View › Dictionary › User, ready to use!