I picked up Russian informally, as I went, mostly by listening to it and watching TV. I'm currently preparing for the C1 exam. I'd like to share my findings.


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Writing in Russian
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  • What to watch in Russian?
    1. There's been a revival of TV shows in Russia. They're fun, witty, nicely filmed, modern, with good acting... I've been watching sitcoms almost exclusively and, even, without understanding every thing, it's proven a fun way to practice my Russian – one I happily indulge in!

      Some TV shows:

    2. Kukhnia and its many sequels or spin-offs
    3. IP Piragova
    4. Angelika
  • Classic USSR movies
    • Ирония судьбы
  • Classic cartoons
    • Дядя Фёдор
    • Ну погоди