Szia! This is Fabien. I reached a C1 level (advanced) in Hungarian in 1,438 hours. Before that, I reached a solid beginner level where I could speak fluently about a limited number of topics – that gave me a head start and the courage to learn more. I'd like to share my story and tools, in hope they help you, too, conquer the Hungarian language! Sok sikert!

Published articles about learning Hungarian

🛠️My favorite tools for learning Hungarian✏️Texts I wrote to prepare for the C1 exam in Hungarian🖋️Writing in Hungarian (updated daily)


🤔How to learn Hungarian?📺What to read, watch and listen to in Hungarian🙊My favorite expressions in Hungarian🎭Köszi, szivi, bocsi és a többi!🤭Funny mistakes in Hungarian💙Things to learn by heart😅Mouthful🧐Things to readQuestionsDisambiguationSzleng

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