Texts I wrote to prepare for the C1 exam in Hungarian

Texts I wrote to prepare for the C1 exam in Hungarian

In the two months leading up to my C1 exam, I started stressing a bit (in a good way!) and take my Hungarian studies more seriously. I felt writing was my weak spot and so started to write a lot in Hungarian, an hour a day every morning. Below is a collection of the texts I wrote. They're the corrected version, based on feedback from the kind folks over at Lang-8. I'm in no way claiming they're perfect, but they might give you reading practice and inspire to write more yourself. In each entry, I link to the uncorrected version as well (with corrections), so you can learn from my mistakes.

In the order I wrote them:

Már lőttél egy fegyverrel?
Miért vállalkozni?
Hány érzékünk van?
Bemutatkozás (a programozással kapcsolatban)
Hogyan tanítottam gitározni magamat?
Utcai harc
Pár szó a témakörökről (C1 vizsga)
Vizsgáztam magyarból
Hogy tanultam a magyart? ("röviden")

The texts above are of various lengths (and getting longer over time.)

For texts I wrote in just 10 minutes, after the C1 exam, to maintain/expand on my level, see


I did more than this to prepare for the C1 exam in Hungarian, I'll cover the topic in an upcoming article.